Real Life Series Of Unfortunate Events

WARNING: Proceed with caution. This post contains only the unluckiest of happenings and reading this post might cause the bad luck to latch on to you. If you are wise you will refrain from reading any further.


Feb. 1st 2017

[The tale begins at 4 am, Feb. 1st,2017]

I flick on the light, and the first thing my eyes focus on is this monster of a spider, It’s clinging to my ceiling DIRECTLY above my face. I then had two thoughts running through my mind… first:” if this thing falls i’m a goner” and second: “I should just stay in bed, this is probably a sign of a bad day. I made my way out of bed anyways and headed off to work.

[at work 6am-12pm]

All hell breaks loose by 8:30am. I work at a local gym, at the gym we have a daycare center that opens at 8:30am. Well one of the girls who works in the daycare center called in sick, and the other girl had no idea that she was scheduled. NOBODY ARRIVED FOR KIDS CLUB UNTIL 11am!!!! From the 8:30-11am I was having to deal with dozens of angry parents. One lady had an appointment with her trainer that she couldn’t go to, another had to teach a yoga class, and another had already paid her kids club day pass. Needless to say it was a complete disaster and to top it all off this was a shift that isn’t even in my availability I was working.

[This was only the beginning, my luck was still on the decline]

Feb. 2nd, 2017

I woke up to a seemingly normal day, popped some toast into the oven and started getting ready for class. [this is where things went wrong]. I managed to get distracted and burnt my toast to ashes, which in turn made me behind schedule on getting to class on time,because I had to try to find some other food to bring with me. (never found anything) I left for class hungry and thoroughly annoyed. As i’m driving I notice my drivers side window is open about an inch..I attempt to roll it up and nothing happens. I think to myself “ok, it’s only an inch ill be able to fix it after class”. Well…needless to say I was WRONG…by the time i arrived on campus my window was all the way down with no way of closing it. I ended up having to park on the roof of the parking garage and it was beginning to sprinkle.. I then decided to just skip class and go home because I didn’t want to come back to a soaked or stolen car. As I am driving home I realized I only have 10 miles of gas left in my tank…meaning I would have to stop for gas in 3rd ward..the sketchiest part of town. I stopped for gas at the nearest gas station, and was harassed by some sketchy people who wanted me to buy them alcohol (I said noooo). I finally make it home and decided to make plain noodles (the only food I had) and I got distracted…. I basically cremated them. Now it was about 1pm and I still hadn’t eaten ANY food. My boyfriend “John” decided to save the day and take me out for burgers. We get our burgers and of course my order was messed up, but I was so hungry I ate the whole thing without too much complaint. We get back to my house and apparently when I burnt my noodles I never turned off the stove, so  the whole house smelled strongly of gasoline.

[It still gets worse from here]

I had a nutrition exam that I could do from home on my laptop and in the middle of taking it my WiFi went out…(MY WIFI NEVER GOES OUT)..anyways my exam submitted it’self and my professor basically said “not my problem” which was super frustrating because it wan’t my fault. In attempt to make the best out of a bad day me and John went out on an ice cream date. For a solid 10 minutes the world was perfect….then I bit into my STALE ice cream cone.  I tossed it in the trash and headed off to the gym to go lift. Lifting is one of the best ways to cure a bad day. my plan was to do a heavy leg day and squat 200 pounds (PR)..but I couldn’t even manage to make it through my 95 pound warm up set because my knee was KILLING me. I apparently injured it on Monday doing leg extensions and didn’t realize it. Anyways I couldn’t even get in a good workout so I went home and went to bed.

Feb. 4th, 2017

[I don’t know who put their bad voodoo on me but I sincerely apologize for whatever I did]

I went to the local Starbucks to study and do homework with my friend Taylor, I bought my drink, set it on the table, then I bumped into the table and spilled my drink EVERYWHERE. After the Starbucks fiasco, I went home and brewed my own coffee but while I was locking up my front door I managed to spill it all over my work clothes. Of course this caused me to be running late for work so I just threw on a hoodie in hope nobody at work would notice that I wasn’t wearing the proper work shirt under.  ON MY WAY TO WORK I GET PULLED OVER!!!!! Oh, and remember…My car window is taped shut, so I had to awkwardly open my entire door to speak with the officer. The officer asked for my license and insurance card, but of course the insurance card I had in my car was an expired one. I tried to pull up my current insurance online but my phone internet was running really slow, so he had to search it up manually. The officer was in a good mood I guess and decided to let me off with not one but THREE warnings on my record 1. Don’t run red lights 2. Have a valid insurance card at all times 3. If I get another ticket I could potentially get my license suspended because I have been pulled over 3x in 3 years. I arrived to work 45 minutes late…and now here I am writing up this post hoping that my luck will miraculously change for the better… I will keep y’all updated.

I hope you at the very least got a good kick out of all these unlucky happenings and I also hope that this bad luck doesn’t hunt any of my readers down. If you have any spare good luck to give out drop it in the comments for me haha. Have any of y’all had a similar unlucky streak??

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Morgan Hayley

Ps- You wont believe what happened as soon as I finished writing up this post…..The person who works after me at work just called and said they are going to be an hour or so late…so that means i’ll be at work until midnight or later…oh well on the bright side i’m getting paid for another hour.


(if you are wondering why I am so late on getting this post up, it’s because my college course load has been taking up a lot of my time)


8 thoughts on “Real Life Series Of Unfortunate Events

  1. Holy crap girl what the heck?! Each part when you were like…”it gets worse” I was sitting here being like how can it even after all of that!!!. SMH hopefully things are on the upheaval to getting better?!

    xo, JJ

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