Christmas Past| Blogmas #5

On this very day 21 years ago a little baby girl was born, her name was Morgan Hayley Bayer {also known as Morgainz}. That baby girl, as you could guess was MEEEEEE, today is blogmas day 5 and my 21st birthday!

Past December 5th’s

I was at the gym till midnight last night and turned 21 mid workout, so naturally I had to stop and take a selfie. They call me “Morgainz” because i’m ALWAYS at the gym.


“All I want for my birthday is to BE a big booty guhhh” – 2chainz

I was looking through old photo albums this afternoon, so prepare to see a bunch of pictures of baby Morgan.

Look at my wittle baby feet!!!


My first day of life, and my first outfit. I sort of look like a hairy alien…


Here’s me at my fourth birthday party blowing out my candles, someone please remind me to never get bangs again!


Christmas Pasts

Here is baby me on the day I got to FINALLY leave the hospital. I am in Christmas clothes because even though I was born on the 5th, I didn’t get to leave the hospital until December 24th. I had Jaundice and other ailments that prevented me from being able to leave the hospital.


Pictures on the left are with my parents| pics on the left are with my aunt and my cousin.

Me on Christmas day 1995 looking like a chubby little elf.


Me and my grandma are in the picture on the right.

My cousin Jessica and I when we were 3 years old and went to see Santa! Shes the blonde one, i’m the brunette.


Here’s me with Santa when I was 4. Apparently I asked Santa for a barbie with a baby stroller? I wonder if I ever got that gift because I don’t remember it.



Time sure does fly, it seems as I get older the years go by faster and faster. I hope y’all enjoyed going back in time and seeing baby me. Keep a look out for tomorrows blogmas post, its time for me to go celebrate my 21st!!!

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Happy Holidays,

Morgan Hayley

copyright © 2016 Morgan Hayley


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