Reasons to LOVE Autumn

Here in Texas the weather is FINALLY beginning to cool down a bit which means I can finally write up a post expressing my love for this time of year!!!!  Autumn is hands down the best season of them all  and in this post I will tell you some of the reasons why.


  • All of the BEST holidays are in Autumn!

Halloween, Thanksgiving, My birthday (Dec 5th), and Christmas (I know Christmas is technically Winter, but here in Texas its still basically Fall)

  • The Outfits

Boots, scarfs, high socks, jackets, vests, fuzzy socks, slippers, fluffy bath robes, LAYERS AND MORE LAYERS OF CUTE CLOTHES!!!

  • Bonfires and fireplaces.


Bonfires mean S’MORES, and who doesn’t like smores???

  • Fall scented candles are AMAZING!

Pumpkin spice, pecan pie, banana bread, cinnamon, apple pie.. Need I say more??

  • You don’t sweat every time you step outside.
  • Crunching on leaves!


I am the type of person who will go out of my way just to walk through some crunchy leaves…It’s just so satisfying!!!


  • The Foods

Think of ALL the wonderful foods you eat during the holidays! Oh and SOUPS don’t forget all the wonderful soups that warm your belly!

  • The make up looks!!

All the pretty lip shades and eye shadows meant for fall

  • You can open up your windows for fresh cool air!!
  • The Festivities


Pumpkin carving, Halloween parties, Picnics, Autumn walks, Haunted houses, Christmas lights to look at!

  • The Decor

Halloween & Christmas Decor!!

  • The leaves change colors!
  • The drinks


Hot chocolate, pumpkin spice lattes,  egg nog

  • The cozy movie nights

Did I mention you can cuddle without getting all clammy!

  • The clocks fall back an hour!!!


More time to snooze!

  • Football season.


There are just SOME of the things that make Autumn the best season ever, If you have anything to add feel free to drop it in the comments!



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Happy Hump Day,

Morgan Hayley

copyright © 2016 Morgan Hayley


6 thoughts on “Reasons to LOVE Autumn

  1. Autumn is my favourite season by far but because I’m from Australia we don’t celebrate those festivities you mentioned. I love it because the temperature isn’t too hot or cold and the leaves are gorgeous when they turn orange.

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