Excuses We’ve All Made To Skip The Gym..

I’m currently swamped with homework, I have an exam I need to study for, my bedroom is a mess, and my to-do list for this week is about 10 miles long..But instead I’m here typing up a blog post….

Since I’ve been so busy the past few weeks, every night when it comes time for me to make my way to the gym  my brain tries to make-up excuses on why I should skip a day….The amount of excuses I’ve managed to come up with is insane, so I’ve decided to share with y’all. Side note: I did not let these excuses win, I STILL GOT MY BUTT TO THE GYM.

I am too busy.


This is probably THE most common excuse people use to skip the gym. NEWSFLASH: A ONE HOUR WORKOUT is ONLY 2% of your entire day.  There is no way that you are “too busy” to spend 2% of your day working out. Also, I can bet you $100,000,000 that there is at least one person who is working out right now that is busier than you are! This excuse is INVALID, GET YOUR BUTT TO THE GYM.

I haven’t eaten/ I just ate.


Okay, going to the gym on an empty stomach flat out sucks. Guess what there is an easy solution to this one! EAT SOME FOOD, but don’t eat too much or your next excuse will be “I just ate”. Grab something small like a protein bar or some crackers.

Going to the gym on a full stomach is ROUGH, but you still need to resist the urge to nap and get yourself to the gym. Don’t worry about making yourself puke, you’ll be fine, JUST DO IT. BOTH OF THESE EXCUSES ARE INVALID, YOU BETTER BE DRIVING TO THE GYM.

Its too hot/cold outside.


If its too hot wear cooler clothes and drink lots of water, you’ll live I promise. I bet your gym is air conditioned anyways, so quit complaining and gooooo to the gym.

If its too cold throw those cute warm workout outfits I know you probably bought just for this very occasion. Excuse is invalid.

I feel sick.


Are you in the hospital? If you answered “no” then as long as you are not throwing up or contagious you will be able to survive a short workout. It may not be the best workout but it is still a workout nonetheless . A stuffy nose is not a valid excuse.

I’m going to hit traffic.


I live in Houston, The city in which at times it has taken me 2 hours to drive 7 miles. I am well aware that hitting traffic is a HUGE day ruiner. Traffic is something you can usually avoid though. You can leave an hour sooner/later, you can find a different route, or you can just suck it up and tolerate the traffic head on. Maybe you’ll get bad road rage that will get you heated and ready to workout! Excuse is invalid.

I already took a shower.


Taking a second shower would not be the worst thing in the world. If you are worried about having wet hair after a second shower try dry shampoo, or use a hair dryer. INVALID

I’m too tired.


“There ain’t no rest for the wicked”- Cage the Elephant. That quote really says it all. Cage the Elephant even wrote a song about how invalid this one is.

Moral of this post: Quit making up excuses, they are all invalid.

If you have any other excuses you’ve made up to skip the gym, tell me them in the comments!!


In other news, I am considering starting up a YouTube channel within the next month or so. I don’t know if I actually will or not, feel free to leave me your thoughts on that in the comments. I’d do vlogs and some fitness videos here and there. I WILL continue to blog, I will not be that blogger who trades in their blog for the vlog life, I would do BOTH!


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Stay Golden,

Morgan Hayley

copyright © 2016 Morgan Hayley





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