Welcome To My Every Day Life

This week’s Fall collab post is “A day in the life of”, so welcome to my life! Check out my fellow bloggers life’s in the links i’ll post at the end!!!

Welcome to Wednesday as Morgan!

(* I’m  blogging this as my day goes on so if i bounce between present tense and past tense that’s why*)

I wake up in the morning NOT  feelin’ like P.Diddy, I grab my coffee i’m out tha door i’m gonna hit tha univer-CITY. Before I leave brush my teeth, fill up my water bottle, cause when I leave for the day I ain’t comin’ back! If you don’t get the Ke$ha reference i’m so sorry you had to suffer through reading that.

Okay, now lets be serious … Today is just an average Wednesday for me. Wednesdays are my day to sleep in because I don’t usually have class until about 4pm, and i’m always off work because my class doesn’t let out until 7pm.. This Wednesday is a little bit different because I have an Anatomy exam at 2pm (hit me with your car please). 

My Morning:

My morning went something like this..

I woke up at about 10 am after hitting snooze on my 9 am alarm about 10x. Cut me some slack, I was tired I’m an insomniac who stayed up till 3am pretending to study! 

I threw my hair into a messy bun.

Let my dog outside to potty

Started my coffee


Tossed a bagel in the toaster, then smothered it in honey butter for breakfast, ate the bagel while hanging with my dog and cat

Went back upstairs, turned on some music, pulled out my notes so I could pretend that I was actually going to study for my exam while I did my hair and make up….I keep saying I’m pretending to study, because i’m a hella distracted human.



Chugged my coffee, while dancing around my bathroom

Flexed in the mirror a bit to admire my baby muscles, thought about what I wanted to workout tonight, and finished getting dressed.


Then the anxiety about my exam hit and I realized it was noon and I hadn’t made anything to bring to campus for my lunch.

My Afternoon:

I ran out the door with some blueberry Belvita cookie thingies, a can of squirt cheese and some ritz crackers…Because I was in a time crunch and couldn’t find a quick meal…I promise I normally eat real food and I actually plan to blog a full day of eating soon.

I sped to campus while stressing about my exam while singing loud and proud in my car, to help me forget the fact that my exam is about to slaughter me.

Arrived at campus, glanced over my notes, and proceeded to freak out because I misplaced my school ID….(then I found it tangled in my headphones)


Took my exam…which didn’t go to bad but it could’ve went so much better.

Then I found a nice corner to sit in that was by an outlet so I could charge my phone and blog a little before my 4 pm class. (It’s 3:26 right now and i’m eating snacks and blogging away)


Now, it’s 3:45. I’m about to throw all of my stuff back into my bag and head on over to my Exercise Physiology class. Next time, I add to this post it will be after 7pm.


My Evening:

It is now 7:17 pm, I am still on campus. I’m about to make my way to the library to learn statistics with somebody from class.


Since we were staying on campus late we went to Panera bread for dinner and did homework there until they closed at 9 pm. I ordered 2 bowls of broccoli and cheese soup with bread.



We went back to Campus to do the rest of the homework, right  now it’s 10:51 pm and i’m looking at the city lights while doing the rest of the homework


On a normal day I would’ve went and worked out legs at about 11 pm, but I had so much homework to get done I didn’t get the chance.

I left campus around 12:30 am, got home at 1 am, took a shower and now it’s 2:09 am and I am finishing up this blog post and going to bed!

Had to take one last selfie before leaving campus!


That sums up an average huuuump daaaaay as me, I hope I didn’t bore you to death, my day to day life isn’t too exciting!

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Stay Golden,

Morgan Hayley

copyright © 2016 Morgan Hayley







7 thoughts on “Welcome To My Every Day Life

  1. Hahah I loved this! Especially the intro, couldn’t manage to read it without having Ke$ha’s song in my head, haha. And dude. Cheese and crackers is the bomb!! And so is that broccoli soup. I totally feel ya with the whole homework all day errday thing.


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