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Fall Lookbook

I’m back at it again with a very very very late fall collab post! Goodness I am so glad i’m collabing with such an understanding group of people…Il” have them linked at the end of the post so check them out! Last weeks topic for the collab was fall fashion so I will be posting that right now and will try and push out the post that was due today sometime tomorrow night!!!


It’s OFFICIALLY Fall  and that means its time to put away your swim suits and break out the plaid shirts and adorable boots you’ve been hiding in your closet all Summer long! Below you will find some of my favorite fall outfits from my pinterest board!








FALL MUST HAVES (in my opinion):

  1. Infinity scarves
  2. Cute boots
  3. AT LEAST one plaid shirt
  4. Leggings
  6. GIANT sweater
Here’s my newest fall outfit minus cute boots!!


That sums up my little fall fashion post, again I apologize for being late almost every week. I didn’t realize that Wednesdays would be my exam days and plus this week is extra hectic because i’m a bridesmaid for my friends wedding on Saturday! Thank y’all for supporting our little fall collab and for being so understanding of my lateness!

****only the last picture is mine, the rest are from pinterest****

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9 thoughts on “Fall Lookbook

      1. The neverfuls are a greeeat price. I used it as a baby bag when my little boy was born. I’m biased tho girl, I always justify my handbags as an investment piece. And they are! Lol the quality last years and years!


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