Girl vs Lake Tahoe

I went on vacation to South Lake Tahoe, which  happens to be right on the California-Nevada border, so I also got to see Nevada!!! This post will give you a little look into my vacation and what we did.

I’m typing this in the hallway at my university and the WiFi keeps messing up, with that being said expect a lot of pictures and not many words.


Lake Tahoe;California-Nevada


The hotel

We stayed in a ski lodge hotel called “Marriot’s Timberlodge”, it was a really nice hotel that was almost directly on the California-Nevada border.

This is the view from our hotel window at sunset!
This the grocery store that was right by our hotel, with a beautiful mountain behind it.
This is what the hotel looks like from the pool.

Those are some of the beautiful flowers that were around our hotel.

Mountain Hike/Gondola ride

We rode a gondola (ski lift) up the mountain behind our hotel, and then hiked to the very top! I didn’t manage to get any pictures at the top because my phone battery was trying to die on me.

The video above is of the gondola ride up the mountain.


The Lake


The sand around the beach wasn’t “sand” it was like a fine “gravel”, I really liked it because it wasn’t as messy as sand and wiped right off once you were dry.

The lake water was CRYSTAL clear & ICE cold!!! If you looked into the water you could see gold sparkly things, it looked like someone dumped gold glitter in the lake. I don’t know exactly what or why there where gold sparklys in the water but it was beautiful.

Around the lake you could see the mountains, its a little hazy because of the California wildfires though
Me and my boyfriend by the lake
me in the ice water
me and my dad

look how clear that water is!!!


Casinos & more


We went to a mansion from the 18oos in Nevada and there were about 50 old cars out in the front all of them were different colors!!! It appears I didn’t save the video I took walking past all the cars…or the pictures I took of the mansion.

We went into  an art gallery that had beautiful animal paintings!!!


We went to go wander through casinos and listen to a live band


took a walk to the lake and found this



We found a chocolate factory in the middle of nowhere and stopped to check it out & to take a picture with this cowboy!

That pretty much sums up the trip unless you want to hear about the dust storm in Arizona that delayed my flight home by 2 hours and prevented me from getting home  until 4am the day that fall classes started. whoops told you anyways! 

Have you ever been to Lake Tahoe?? What did you do there? What season did you go?

***All pictures and media are my own***

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Stay Golden,

Morgan Hayley

copyright © 2016 Morgan Hayley


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