Airplane Thoughts

Guess who’s back back backback again gain gain, Morgan’s back back back, Tell your friends to read her blog, blog, blog.. Whoops I couldn’t resist making an Eminem reference. As you can see I’m back from my little 4 day vacation in California and Nevada, I spent a lot of hours on airplanes with nothing to do so I made a list of all of the random thoughts I had while on the different airplanes. I took a few pretty pictures too!





  1.  Oh great, this lady brought her crying screaming infant on the plane.
  2. They overbooked our flight somehow…I don’t understand how that happened.
  3.  The flight attendant just announced that the WiFi is down…now I can’t drown out the sounds of the crying infant with my music.
  4.  I forgot how beautiful the world is from this high up!            snapchat-1423828918023945587.jpgpicsart_08-22-07.03.33.jpg20160818_123427.jpg
  5.  The full moon is right outside my window!!!
  6. Technically i’m time traveling, because when we land in Phoenix it will be 6am again..
  7. Airplane food SUCKS.
  8.  The lady next to me smells like peppermint
  9.  I’m hogging both arm rests I wonder how annoyed my boyfriend is.
  10.  I’m so tired I keep falling asleep sitting straight up with my mouth open.
  11.  I think gravity is forcing my eyelids shut and my mouth open.
  12. I can’t get comfortable.
  13. I want to climb the hell out of these mountains.
  14. The seat belt light is on….but my seat belt isn’t
  15. Why aren’t air plane windows lined up with the seats??
  16. I wish I could make my chair lean back farther.
  17. I’m 90% sure the pilot can’t see right now…
  18.  What if we crash into a mountain??screenshot_20160822-190743.jpg
  19. It feels like we are a boat being tossed around by rough water right now…
  20.  I just bumped my head on the wall…I think this flight is getting dangerous.
  21.  Pretty sure we are flying through a tornado.                                                         screenshot_20160822-190615.jpg
  22. They just announced we have to find another flight path because this one is “unsafe”….GRRRREAAAT
  23. On the bright side if I die tomorrow I won’t have to go to class.
  24. This lady brought her dog on the plane, I wish I could bring my dog!
  25.  My window is SUPER hot, It feels like it’s on fire…isn’t it supposed to be cold this high up??
  26.  Maybe our alternative route brought us too close to the sun..
  27. I feel like i’m sitting next to an oven.
  28. Oops my water bottle just rolled to the back of the plane.
  29.  What if this plane ride ends up being like an episode of “Lost” or like the movie “Cast Away”
  30. The guy next to my boyfriend has been reading the same newspaper article for 2 hours.
  31. Are we there yet?
  32. We can’t land because there is a dust storm in Phoenix, so now we are going to fly circles for 30 minutes in hopes that it clears up.                      
  33.  Now they are saying we have to land in Tuscon Arizona because the dust storm hasn’t cleared and we need to get more fuel……
  34.  We just landed in Tuscon, but they aren’t letting anyone off the plane, they said we have to wait inside the plane until we can fly back to Phoenix…
  35. THERE IS A RAINBOW!!!                                                                                            screenshot_20160822-190656.jpg
  36. Note to self: Don’t fly to Arizona….It’s dusty.                                                20160821_191848.jpg
  37.  We have a connecting flight to catch in Phoenix, but i’m starting to feel like we are going to miss it.
  38. I’m guessing we wont make it back to Texas until about 3am…and I have a class in the morning.
  39. FINALLY we are on our way to Phoenix, this may be the best news I’ve heard all day!!!
  40. It’s dark outside and I feel like I’m in a spaceship.
  41. The city lights look like stars…but they are on the ground.
  42.  all I see out my window is darkness….This brings a whole new meaning to the saying “welcome to the dark side”.
  43.  I wonder if someone outside is pretending that this airplane is a shooting star.
  44. Or even better, they thought they saw a shooting star..but it’s just me in an airplane.

Keep your eyes peeled, sometime later this week or early next week I’ll be posting about my actual vacation! If you have any funny airplane thoughts drop them in the comments and for those of you that are starting classes again like myself, good luck! I apologize for this post not being well written, i’m doing it from my phone while I wait for my class to start.

***All pictures and media are my own***

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Stay Golden,

Morgan Hayley


copyright © 2016 Morgan Hayley


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