Girl-vs-Wisdom Teeth Extraction


I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed last Wednesday, so this blog post is all about that experience!


Thoughts an hour before

I wrote down how I felt an hour before my surgery


“I’m freaking terrified, I want to keep my wisdom (teeth) I need all the wisdom I can get to pass college!!! I don’t want to have to eat mushy-squishy foods for almost 2 weeks, I can’t survive without REAL food. I’ve heard and seen way too many wisdom tooth extraction horror stories, some people have told me it’s the worst thing they’ve ever had to go through (so far).  My anxiety is PEAKED because I’ve never been under anesthesia before, and I’m starving because I couldn’t eat within 8 hours before surgery. What if the dentist doesn’t like me and decides to kill me?? What its they mess up and I get lockjaw? What if I wake up during surgery? “


In the chair

My last memories before my surgery

I sat down in the chair, made some kind of sarcastic joke that the dentist guy clearly didn’t catch. Then his assistant started rubbing this numbing gel all over the inside of my mouth with a cotton swab. The numbing gel tasted disgusting, and made me feel like I was going to suffocate every time I tried to swallow because I couldn’t feel my throat. While the numbing gel was making me feel like I was going to die the dentist started putting in my IV, I warned him that I have small veins and have had people literally stab all the way through my vein before, he reassured me he would get it the first try. WELL HE DIDN’T..IT TOOK HIM FOUR TRIES!!! He jammed that big ole needle into my poor arm four times before he got it in place!! Next, they started jabbing needles into my gums to numb them a lot more. This was unpleasant even with my mouth already being pretty numb, but it was bearable. Now, it was time to wait for the drugs they gave me to knock me out…I remember having a conversation about a video of a guy eating hot dogs and that is literally the last thing I remember, I don’t remember passing out or waking up….I just remember the hot dog eating guy in the video i’ll link below!


Right after

I wrote this in my phone notes on my way home from surgery

in case you can’t tell it has the frowny snapchat filter on it

“I don’t feel any pain, but my mouth is overstuffed with gauze. If I’m being honest I didn’t even know I had gauze in my mouth until my dad told me. There is A TON of blood it looks like a mass murder took place in my mouth. I can’t feel 90% of my’s concerning! I feel sleepy, I want to go to sleep”

Now here is my dad’s version of the car ride home

I have no clue why I am holding scissors in the video above…

He asked me how my surgery went and I said ” I was awake the whole time, and I don’t think they did it” then he said “why is there bloody gauze in your mouth then??”  I began to freak out and tell him there was no way they took my teeth out because I never went to sleep!! Then I apparently fell asleep in the car and woke up after about 10 minutes and asked him if I had gotten lip injections instead of wisdom tooth extractions. The story is way funnier the way he told it, I can’t tell it that good because I draw a blank trying to even remember the car ride!!!

Two hours post surgery

“I tried to drink gatorade and I spilled it ALL over myself and the paper I was using to write this on. I spilled it because I can’t feel my mouth so when I tilted the bottle I literally dumped the gatorade onto the lower part of my face… I can’t feel my lips still and when I swallow if feels as if I might swallow my bottom lip”



The next day

“I surprisingly don’t feel any pain. I haven’t taken any of my pain medication, the numbness has worn off. My gums feel mushy, but they don’t hurt. I just ate a can of soup, it was edible but definitely not what I wanted to eat. I can’t smile at all and I can barely open my mouth when I talk That’s probably just because I’m afraid to tear the stitches though. I feel fine so I’m going to go to the gym tonight and take it easy on the weights.”  

All in all my wisdom teeth extraction experience was not as bad as I had expected. I started eating real food again 3 days post surgery, even though I was “supposed” to wait a week at least. Right now I am 5 days post surgery and feel almost normal, I can still feel the stitches in the back of my mouth but I can smile and have been eating almost whatever I want. Thanks for reading, it’s not the best written post but in my defense I was rushed!

Stay Golden,

Morgan Hayley




9 thoughts on “Girl-vs-Wisdom Teeth Extraction

  1. I was sceptical about reading this as I hate going to the dentist 😂 But I did, it was funny but I do feel sorry that you had to remove all four at one go. It must’ve been pretty awful. And as for the numbing and spilling of drinks, I’ve been through that too. It’s funny later but awful at the time 😛😂 Great post, glad you got through it in such a happy manner! Cheers 😊💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Suprisingly mine never troubled me either!! My plan was to keep them, but my mom is retiring and I’m still on her insurance so she wanted me to use up the insurance and just get them all taken out so I never have to worry about them 🙀


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