Girl-Vs-August Goals

A few days late as usual, but here is my August goals, and my July recap!

To Do:

  • PERSONAL TRAINING CERTIFICATION I’ve been needing to start this since Summer started, but I got side tracked by classes and work. I REALLY need to get on this one though, because it’s extremely important to me!
  • Take a ton of vacation pictures on my vacation. I’m going to Lake Tahoe the 18th!!!
  • READ HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD. Even though it’s written like a script and i’m afraid I wont like reading it, I still feel obligated to try…The story line seems good!


  • Donate my old clothes and junk.  I have way too many things I don’t use or wear..
  • Be on time to ALL of my classes everyday this month. My classes start the 20th, I think being on time for like 11 days is do-able!

Fitness Related:

I’m so dedicated I went to the gym the day after getting all four of my wisdom teeth removed
  • Try out new exercises
  • DO CARDIO 1x a week.  I’ve been saying this one for awhile…I just need to do it!!
  • Start working out abs at least 2x a week
  • Get preacher curls to 60 pounds x10 reps x3 sets

To Watch:

th (6)

  • Start watching Gilmore Girls! (I would’ve done this in July, but then I got hooked on watching “Jane the Virgin”)
  • Start watching “Dare devil” on Netflix

Blog Goals:

  • Take more pictures for my blog
  • Take more time to make my blog posts look, and sound good
  • Add more to my blogs theme and or find a new theme
  • Interact with more bloggers!


July Recap

Goals Met:

  • Fixed up my fall class schedule & made sure everything was on track and good to go!
  • Got my Lat pull downs up to 90 pounds (I can only do 3 sets of 12 reps right now but that is pretty darn close to my goal)
  • Got my Tricep pull downs to 40 pounds (4 sets x12 reps)
  • I’ve gotten A LOT better at focusing on my form when I lift
  • I watched “Civil War”  The movie with the Avengers, It’s good, If you haven’t seen it I recommend it!
  • I ate everything on my “to eat” list
  • I watched “Me before You”  I LOVED IT, It’s a sad one though!

I’ve decided from now on i’m not going to list the things I didn’t complete from the previous month because I don’t need that negativity in my life…just kidding ,that’s not the reason!!!! The reason is because most of the goals I didn’t complete last month I’m going to add on to this months goal list, but I’m going to mark them differently showing that i’m “behind” on that particular goal.

**disclaimer pictures are not my own unless stated otherwise***

Thank you for reading, Make your own goals, blog about them so that I can read them, and crush them!

Stay Golden,

Morgan Hayley


3 thoughts on “Girl-Vs-August Goals

    1. Thank you!!! My wisom teeth experience actually wasn’t bad compared to everyone else’s, I’ll make a post hopefully this week with a few videos I took the day I got them of them is a little graphic cause my mouth was bleeding so much but they are kinda funny! Yeah, I’ve heard Gilmore Girls is slow at first but it gets better, and everyone is always bragging on how good daredevil is! 🙂

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