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Beauty Finds: July

I am by no means a beauty guru, I couldn’t even pass as a beauty blogger for that matter. I’ve never even contoured my face before, and I just recently started using highlighter. All of my makeup and beauty products are from drug stores like Target and H.E.B, because when it comes to make up I don’t like spending hundreds of dollars. I’d much rather splurge on vacations and clothing, rather than a $60 eye shadow pallet. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just a personal preference.

Recent Finds:


  • Elf Blending Sponge: Lately I’ve been blending all of my make up by hand or brush, but I couldn’t resist trying out a sponge applicator again.
  • Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser: I usually use “clean and clear morning burst” when I wash my face in the morning, but I thought i’d try this one out!
  • Rimmel London Scandal Eyes: I buy like 4 different mascaras at a time, usually all different brands, i’ve never tried this one so I thought “why the hell not”.  In a later post I’ll show you my favorite drugstore products, including favorite mascara.
  • NYX Matte Lip Cream (London): I FREAKING LOVE NYX MATTE LIP CREAMS, I’ve worn this every day since I bought it, it’s a nude-brown color!


  • Maybelline Master Contour (Medium): Like I said I’ve NEVER contoured my face before, but I ran across this and figured I should give it a try…wish me luck, i’m inexperienced!!
  • Maybelline Master Concealer: You can never have to many concealers!
  • Maybelline Master Strobe Stick: I swatched this at the store and thought it was PERRRRFFFFECT, but I haven’t tried it on my face yet. (Its a tube of highlighter, it goes on kind of like a balm)
  • Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls: (I’ve been using this highlight for aout 2 weeks so i’ll review it) It was an EXTREMELY sparkly highlight when I bought it, but after a few uses it lost a little bit of it’s luster, It still looks FAB on mah face!  If anyone has any “drugstore” highlight recommendations drop them in the comments!!
  • NYX Matte Finish spray: I previously bought a REALLY cheap “Elf” setting spray and it did NOTHING, NYX products are normally pretty good so i’m going to give this one a try!
  • Maybelline Brow Precise: I’ve only ever tried out one eye brow pencil (It was in my Target haul post) I figured I should test out some other brow products!

Next time I make one of these posts I’ll try to remember to keep the receipt so I can post prices with each product, but I can promise you that none of these products costed me more that 12 bucks! 

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Thanks for reading, if you have any drugstore product recommendations or just a general comment don’t be shy!

Stay Golden,

Morgan Hayley




4 thoughts on “Beauty Finds: July

  1. I am not to spend a lot of money on make up either- I’d much rather spend it on food or a new pair of leggings or shoes 😉

    However, I did purchase a Naked palate, over a year ago, and am still using it to this day! Love it! Even though I only use a select few colors.

    Great post Morgan. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sorry for such a delayed reply, I got my wisdom teeth out and haven’t had time!! I love the Naked palate, I just haven’t been able to buy it because I always find something else to buy first…usually food!!! Thank you :)!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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