Annoying Things Cat Owners Deal With

First things first, I doubt y’all noticed but I changed my username and blog URL to “MorganHayley” (It used to be Morganth3bayer).  Which makes total sence because my name is Morgan and my middle name is HayleyI decided to make this change because if I ever turn my blog into a “.com” it’s a  simpler web address to search.

Annoying Things Cat Owners Deal With:

  • Cats sleep all day, and then go bat sh^t crazy as soon as you try to sleep.
  • They decide that your unfinished homework, or laptop is their new bed.
  • They leave their cute little paw prints all over your freshly washed car.
  • As soon as they see you in black clothes they feel the sudden urge to rub their hair ALL over it.
  • Most cats are only loving on their own terms.
  • Brings you dead animals as presents, or brings live animals into your house and sets them free to catch later.


  • Shreds phone chargers, head phones, and any thing and everything that resembles a string.
  • Cats always feel the need to put their butt RIGHT in your face.
  • They sleep in the sink and wont move whenever you need to use it.
  • When you try to make your bed they think it’s a game and run under your covers.
  • They think unraveling the whole toilet paper roll and then tearing it into tiny pieces is the coolest thing ever.
  • They randomly decide to push objects off of shelves and counter tops.
  • If you don’t watch your drink they will drink it.
  • They MIGHT randomly attack you for no reason.

My Cats:

Although sometimes the things above drive us out of our freaking minds, we still LOVE our cats.

These are my 3 cats.  Comanche, Apache, And Cantu. Cantu actually got stolen 2 years ago but she was my BABY and had the biggest personality. Comanche is actually Apache’s mom we rescued Comanche and her 4 dying kittens off the streets in a small town called Indianola, Texas. Since they were from “indian-ola” we gave them Indian tribe names.

I have A LOT of pictures of Apache because she is ALWAYS inside. Comanche like to be outside better so I don’t have as many pictures of her.


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Thank you for reading, If you have any funny cat related things to add drop them in the comments below!

Stay golden,

Morgan Hayley

***Disclaimer: The memes are from pinterest***


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