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Girl vs Target

Hey y’all

Since my Summer chemistry class ended I’ve  been working a lot and trying to save as much money as possible. The whole saving money thing was going great, because I’ve been working so much that I haven’t had time to even think about spending money. Well I got off early on Wednesday and I couldn’t resist “a quick walk through Target”. (We all know no girl can just make a “quick walk through Target” though)

Want to know what I bought?

Target is the place I go to when I don’t know what I want, so these items are totally random.


I actually did need something to hang my necklaces on so this is a completely practical purchase…at least that is what I am going to keep telling myself.  Before I bought this I just had  clear tacks on the wall by my bathroom mirror that I hung my necklaces from. This GOLD branch is WAY cuter than the clear tacks I used before.


I didn’t need these at all.. I have TONS of tacks and binder clips..but my brain somehow convinced me to buy them because they are cuter than my other ones.


I bought this cute wooden  polka dotted box to put spare rolls of toilet paper in!!!  It’s empty in this picture because in the midst of all my splurging I had forgotten to buy extra rolls of toilet paper..WHOOPS you can see my priorities were  little mixed up.


THIS JUST SMELLS SO GOOD, so naturally I HAD to buy it. The best part about it is that the smell actually stays on your hands for awhile, so you get to walk around smelling like a coconut princess.


This is my favorite brow pencil..If i’m being honest, it’s the only one I’ve ever tried, and i’m too scared to try another But I can only seem to find the “medium brown” color I get at Target.

Oh and you can NEVER have too many chap-sticks because they always get lost or melted in the dryer, so I bought this “cake batter” flavored one. It’s okay, I still  prefer “Burt’s Bees” though.


I also bought more watercolor paper but I didn’t take a picture of it because I didn’t think y’all would care to see a picture of a stack of blank paper.

I also found these GLAM sunglasses at a little store called “Styles” that was right next to Target. These where only $8 and  they are my new favorites!!!




All in all I only spent about $48 on all of this stuff, and I think that is a new record for the lowest amount of money I’ve EVER spent at Target. I would’ve posted the individual prices on everything, but I’ve already lost the receipt. I hope you enjoyed this little post of random items I bought!

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Stay gold,




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