A Few Netflix Faves

Hey y’all

It’s raining cats and dogs here in Texas, which means it’s the perfect day to lounge around and watch Netflix all day. (Or have a Harry Potter Movie marathon, which is what i’m doing as I blog). I figured since I’m between shows right now, I’d write a list of my Netflix faves, and pick a new show to watch based on y’alls comments!

My Netflix Faves:

  • Grey’s Anatomy  This show is still going on!!
  • One Tree Hill
  • New Girl  HILARIOUS 
  • The Flash This show is still going, there is currently only one season on Netflix, the new one will be released in October I think. I didn’t think I would really like this show BUT I LOVE IT.
  • Friends  I’ve watched every season all the way through about 4x
  • Prison Break LOVED the show, but HATED the last episode
  • Lost
  • Bones
  • The Carrie Diaries This show went on for like 2 seasons, its not THAAAT good, but I thought it was cute. It’s about a girl trying to be a fashion designer in New York!
  • Pretty Little Liars I used to love it….now its gotten old but it’s still going so I feel obligated to watch it.
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Orange Is The New Black

The bold & underlined shows are my absolute favorites, I’ve watched most of the 2x all the way through.

Thank you for reading, if you’ve watched any of these or have any recommendations drop it in the comments and there is a 90% chance I’ll watch it!

Stay gold,



16 thoughts on “A Few Netflix Faves

  1. Brilliant picks!

    I love Lost too. One of my all-time favourite shows!
    Desmond is one of my two favourite characters (the other one is John Locke), and I still have a bit of a crush on Desmond and the actor who plays him, Henry Ian Cusick. So started to watch The 100 because Henry’s in it. I’ve binge-watched The 100 twice now and it’s become one of my favourite shows ever. I’d definitely recommend it. The first few episodes have a bit of a teenage drama feel, but keep watching and you’ll be rewarded with amazing twists and turns. But don’t check The 100 on imdb – it’s spoiler central and no one does spoiler warnings…

    Have you ever watched Alias with Jennifer Garner? It’s from the same producers that did Lost. It’s very good. Lots of drama, action, mystery… it’s perfect for binge-watching.

    And if you love Friends (who doesn’t), you’d love Dharma & Greg. One of the best sitcomes ever. And one of the smartest. You can’t anticipate the jokes (yes, it’s that smart) and you’ll be laughing you head off – promise! The first handful of episodes are a bit slow, but they’re still important to watch to get into the show.

    If you start to watch any of these shows, let me know what you think. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the recommendations I will definitely check them out and let you know how I liked them! I try to watch 5 episodes of a show before I decide if I like it or not! John, Desmond and Hugo were my favorite characters in Lost! I’ve heard of Dharma & Greg but have never watched it at all, if it’s like friends I’m sure I’ll get sucked into it pretty fast! 🙂

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    1. I love bonding with people over tv shows too! I was obsessed with gossip girl not gonna lie! I like Orange is the New Black but I haven’t even finished season one yet.. I think I have like 3 episodes of season one left.

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  2. Half of the shows you listed aren’t even available in the Netherlands. 😦 But OMG yes New Girl!! Absolutely love it. We’ve got it until season 3 so I’m just waiting for the next. I can’t help but watch TVD, it’s gotten SO good!! Speaking of which, if you enjoy TVD you’ll also enjoy Teen Wolf. In some ways it’s even better than TVD. And have you ever heard of Jane the Virgin? It’s hilarious! (And very addictive)

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    1. Omg, there has to be some way you could watch them!!! I’ve seen some of teen wolf and I loved it…I forgot to watch the recent season so I’ll have to get on that!! I’ve heard of Jane the Virgin but have never actually watched it, it looks funny though so I’ll have to watch it, maybe I’ll start it today with my lunch!! 😊 thank you for the recommendations I needed them!

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      1. I know T.T The other thing is that I actually don’t have all that much time through out the year to actually keep up with them.. Since I’m on summer vacation, I’ve got time to catch up! I literally just finished watching the teen wolf season 5 finale! It was SO good!!
        Yeah, Jane the Virgin is a whole other world compared to Teen Wolf but I enjoy it so much! haha and they’ve got the first full season on Netflix! 😀
        You’re welcome! Enjoy xx

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      2. I started watching Jane the Virgin last night I watched like 5 episodes straight…it’s so good!!! And saaaame I need to catch up on teen wolf and watch season 5!

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