Saturday On Wednesday Tag

Hey y’all

If you’ve never read  the Saturday on Wednesday  blog then you definitely should its fabulous! She created her own personal tag, and I love her blog so I figured I would join in and do it.

The rules:

  • Post this on your blog
  • Answer the questions
  • Have fun (not an optional one)
  • Nominate anywhere between 2-20 bloggers for the same questions
  • Have fun!

 The tasks:

The visual:

  • Google your name and copy-paste the first image that comes up.


I never knew there was a car called ” Morgan”, this is exciting, I feel like I NEED this car now! I half expected to have to post a picture of a “Morgan horse” or someones random selfie.

  • A picture of your favorite meal that makes you happy.


I wouldn’t say this is my FAV meal, but it’s what I had for lunch today and it made me really happy!

  • Post your favorite silly animal photo

The picture of me and my dog “Toebe” is my favorite because we both have the same facial expression. The cow I just thought was cute and reminds me of what I look like every morning when I wake up!

  • A silly selfie (if you’re comfortable with that)



  • A picture of your favorite sunglasses.

I have a bunch of favorite sunglasses, but these are the ones I’ve been wearing a lot lately. I got them from Target if anyone was wondering!

  • A picture of an object in your house/flat that always makes you smile.


I couldn’t figure out how to rotate this from my phone so you’ll just have to look at it sideways..lol sorry bout it.  This is a picture of me and my boyfriend, in the cute picture frame set he got me as part of my Christmas gift last year. 


  • What was the last picture you took with your phone?


This Tshirt dress was 12 bucks at “Styles”!! Did I mention it comes in a ton of colors?!?

The verbal:

  • A joke that you’ve heard recently that made you giggle (or googled just now, still counts)?  

Okay sorry, this is about to be a chemistry joke since my Chem class ended last week. You’ve heard Avogadro’s number is equal to one mole? Well if Avogadro’s number is equal to one mole, what is Avocado’s number equal to? ONE GUACA-MOLE!!!

You have to admit that joke is a little funny!

  • What’s your go to pick-me-up phrase when you are feeling down?

I read quotes religiously so it really just depends on my mood, I’ll post a few from my pinterest board below



  • Your happy song? River- Bishop Briggs ; I recently stumbled acrossed this song and I am currently obsessed!!! 
  • Your quirk that makes others smile? I have no idea, sometimes when I laugh I snort…it gives people a good laugh
  • What’s on your favorite mug?

I have 1000 favorite mugs but here are two of them!!

  • What’s the first happy memory that comes to mind? Visiting Maui as a child and having a HUGE sea turtle swim under me
  • What’s your favorite way of cheering others up? Taking their mind off of what’s bothering them by making them laugh or smile!
  • What’s your favorite funny website? Pinterest; I swear I find the funniest things on there
  • Do you know your heritage? IF so, what is it? I’m Czech, German, and Irish for the most part.
  • Best compliment you have received? I have no earthly clue, but a customer at work (a lady) told me that I have a flawless way of presenting myself. I asked her what she meant and she told me ” You are friendly, confident, and just have a really positive vibe to you” I thought it was a pretty unique compliment!
  • What are  your favorite pizza toppings?


Pepperoni is the BEST!

If you are reading this I tag you to do this tag too. If you don’t want too that’s okay too, I just thought this tag was a little more fun than most!

Thank you for reading, feel free to follow my other social medias and get connected with me its always nice to get to know other bloggers!

Twitter , Instagram and you can add my snap-chat @morganthebay3r

Happy Hump Day,



6 thoughts on “Saturday On Wednesday Tag

    1. Thank you hahah!!! The silly selfie is literally how I felt the whole month of June since I was taking chemistry. Feel free to do this post too if you want, I thought it was pretty fun to do!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a lot of fun to do too, so you should definitely do it!!! And that song has been stuck in my head for like two weeks haha, I LOVE IT!!

      Liked by 1 person

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