Girl-Vs-July Goals

Hey y’all

Here are my goals for July..I’m 10 days behind on posting this because of my Summer finals, but better late than never right? I’ll also recap Junes goals in this post so you can see which ones I met.

July Goals

To do:

  • Go to the Sprinkles cupcake ATM
I’ve never been to one of these and there is one in Houston!
  • Read ONE book.  I NEED to find a good book to read!!
  • Paint a watercolor painting.
Over winter break I did a bunch of simple water color paintings, and this is one of them.
  • Order bridesmaid dress. We have at least picked out the dresses but I STILL haven’t ordered mine..I hope i’m not the only bridesmaid who hasn’t..
  • Start my personal training certification.
  • Look at my fall class schedule and make sure i’m still on track

Fitness Related:

  • Get my free-weight shoulder press to 20 pounds x 12 reps (4 sets) Currently doing 12 reps of 15 pounds for 4 sets.


  • Get my tricep pull downs to 40 pounds x 12 reps (4 sets)  Currently doing 30 pounds, 12 reps, 4 sets.
  • Get Lat pull downs to 90 pounds x 10 reps (4 sets) Currently doing 70-85 pounds for 12 reps, 4 sets
  • WATCH FORM. Sometimes i’m in a time crush so I sacrifice my form to get done quicker..THIS IS BAD, so I want to  stop.


  • DO CARDIO. I only like outdoor cardio and it is so dang hot here in Texas all day..and I usually work evenings when it’s cool outside. Now that my Summer classes ended I THINK i’ll be able to make some time to get cardio in at least ONE day a week.

To Watch:

  • Watch season 2 and 3 of OITNB on Netflix. The show actually has a pretty good story line..but I’m still not sure if I like it or not.
  • Watch Civil War
  • Start watching Gilmore Girls. I started it once and got bored, but everyone says it’s so good and I’ve already watched most of the good shows.
  • Watch Me before you

If you have any good movie or show suggestions leave me a comment I need things to watch!


To Eat:

  • Green grapes
  • Spinach
  • Ceasar Salads
  • Pineapple
  • Beef Tips in gravy
  • Acai Smoothie bowls


  • 120 blog followers. If I don’t make it, i’m not worried, I just like to set little goals for my blog.
  • To get connected with more bloggers. Add/Follow my social media and talk to me i’m semi-cool! @morganthebay3r on snapchat,Twitter, and Instagram.
  • To get organized. I said this last month, but I just never had the time!



Goals I Met:

  • Fishing

So as you can see we made it fishing! This was my boyfriends first EVER fishing trip, so the video I posted was of the first fish he has ever caught! The fish he caught was a “piggy perch”, we let it free! We caught about 18 keepers that night and quite a few that were too small to keep. It was a lot of fun minus the fact I got stung by a jellyfish and when I told my dad his response was “Suck it up and fish”. I actually still have a red  mark around the bottom part of my leg where it stung me and its been over 2 weeks!!

  • Finished watching the whole “Lost” series.
  • Watched “The Choice”. This movie was pretty cute but I feel like it was cheesier than some of the other romance movies.
  • Finished season 12 of “Greys Anatomy”.  CAN SEASON 13 START ALREADY!!! I absoulutely LOVE this show.
  • Ate coffee flavored ice cream
  • Ate a lot of watermelon
  • I drank more water. I should probably still be drinking more than I do, but hey I’ve improved.
  • I made a few smoothies
  • My blogging skills improved ever-so-slightly
  • I PASSED MY SUMMER CHEMISTRY CLASS. So, I doubt  any of you guys even noticed but I stopped my Summer blog series “Girl-vs-college”  halfway through my class (2 posts in)  because I was STRUGGLING. I honestly didn’t think I would manage to pass…my test scores were all LOW including the final (I took the final yesterday). But last night while I was at the gym and decided to check to see if my final grade had been posted, and it had been. When I saw that I had passed I almost cried with joy, because I really thought that I had failed and would have to re-take it which would both slow me down and screw up the classes I was registered for in the fall. Anyways i’m just SOOOOOOOO glad I somehow passed…the professor must’ve given a HUGE curve on the grades though.

 Goals That Where Not Met:

  • I didn’t start my personal training certification. I HAD NO TIME, CHEM TOOK ALL THE TIME I HAD.
  • I never got the chance to watch any fireworks.
  • My class kept me so busy I never got to even buy a book to read
  • I didn’t order the bridesmaid dress for my friends wedding
  • I didn’t get the chance to go sailing
  • Cardio did not happen once a week. Too hot outside, and I had class and work during the only cool times of the day.
  • I didn’t watch “Civil war”
  • I didn’t drink tea, or eat green bean casserole, or green grapes
  • I didn’t get 100 followers on my blog.  I have 82 followers right now, and i’m not at all disappointed that I didn’t hit 100. I didn’t have much time to blog with that class consuming my time so I knew that goal probably wouldn’t be met just yet. Thank you to the lovely 82 followers that read and support me and my blog, y’all are all amazing!!
  • I didn’t get my room even slightly organized. I’m pretty sure my room is about 3x messier now…ooops!

Fourth of July weekend pictures

Me, My boyfriend, and Toebe all went to lake Livingston 
This was the view from the back porch of my family’s lake house
We went to the lake to go water skiing, tubing, and knee boarding!
Hanging out on the pier letting my dog Toebe swim


This month I will have much more free time, so expect quite a few more posts from me!! Thank you for reading, you should make a monthly goals post its a fun way to help keep you on track! Seeing all the goals I didn’t meet in June motivates me to achieve them all this month, because nobody likes typing up  a list of all the things they didn’t accomplish!!

June’s over? juLYING   (sorry i’m cheesy)


Make goals and CRUSH them,







6 thoughts on “Girl-Vs-July Goals

  1. I love this idea! Especially when you can look back and see how much you completed! That cupcake ATM looks SO cool! I’ve followed your blog and am looking forward to future posts- would love it if you could check out mine?x
    The Buttercup Baby

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, and yeah that’s why I like to do it, I can go back and see what I’ve done! I followed you back, you have a lovely blog!


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