Girl vs College: Summer Edition (EP.1)

Hey y’all

This is the first “blog-episode” of Girl Vs College:Summer Edition.   

Girl vs Chemistry Class

Monday: The first day of Summer class.

The classroom is an auditorium style classroom that sits roughly about 600 people, about 300 people are registered for this class so I decided to arrive early to get the best possible seat. By “best possible seat” I mean a seat that has leg room, backpack room, easy to escape as soon as class ends,and is not too close to the front or back of the room. Sitting in a good seat the first week of school is very important, it could determine where you will be sitting for the rest of the semester. The first seat I chose was 4 rows from the back of the room, but I ended up moving around 3 times because I kept spotting better seats. My final seat was on the left end of the center row. It had legroom, was next to a walkway for easy escape, had extra space for my stuff, and I got two arm rests instead of just one like all the inside row seats!

The professor is an older white haired man named Simon Bot, he is from London England and has a delightful British accent. Having a professor named “Simon” is like a semester long game of “Simon says”Simon calls himself “The King” of the classroom and says that we are his “little American peasants” and that we should refer to him as “King Simon” or “King Bot”. strange, I know“King Simon” HATES technology in the classroom we aren’t aloud to use our phones or laptops in his class, and if we do he will kick us out of class. All classwork of his classwork is done on paper and he gives 7 in class quizzes a day. I’m no good at math but that’s like 2100 papers a day he has to go through and hand grade…he is bonkers.  If you are late to “King Simon’s” class then you MUST sit on the floor, you can not leave early, or take a restroom break during his two hour class time. He does strongly enforce these rules.  I swear this is like elementary school all over again, except now we are much older and paying for this nonsense. On top of the SEVEN quizzes he gives every day we are expected to watch a 2 hour lecture every single day after class(If you don’t you will fail the in class quizzzes), and do over 200 homework problems a week…not to mentein all of this is after the two hours we spend in class. All of this would be too much even if I didn’t have a job…but I have a job so this is overki

Tuesday; day two 

I arrived to class 15 minutes early, I sit in the same left-end center seat as the day before.  I decided that this seat kind of sucks because we take 7 quizzes per class period and the end people have to take everyone else’s quizzes and turn them in...and it’s annoying because there is always that one  person who  doesn’t have their shiz together and makes you have to get up twice…not to mention i’m already not a very pleasant morning person.

Today I learned that this class may be the death of me. It appears that he is going to give little to none in class lecture or instruction at all..all that we did in class today was take quiz after quz after quiz and then go over them. Each quiz is about something on the 2 hour lecture we are expected to watch the night before.  I say “supposed” because I don’t have enough time in the day to do this every night because I work in the evenings till 11pm, and he also gives a lot of homework. This summer semester is going to be ROUGH…and it’s only the second day..

Wednesday; Day 3

Traffic was bad on my way to class, so i arrived 2 minutes before class started. I got lucky that he didn’t make me sit on the floor.  I ended up sitting in the same seat…the same annoying seat that makes me stand up every like 15 minutes to turn in everyone’s quizzes. On top of hating having to get up every 15 minutes to turn in quizzes, I decided the guy who sits behind me is way too rowdy for this time in the morning. He talks out loud to himself, laughs annoyingly loud at the teachers cheesy jokes, and a few times he spit on me while blurting out answers. I wish I was that happy and alive in the mornings…but since i’m not he needs to chill..or I need to make dang sure I find a new seat ASAP. 

Okay now this is where things start to get weird. We turn in our last quiz of the day and my professor “King Simon” notices that someone forgot to take the “fringies” of of the edge of their notebook paper quiz..King Simon then flips shiz and yells “OFF WITH JAKE’S HEAD” and then goes on an angry rant about how  “Jake” SUCKS  and how he refuses to grade any quiz that still has the “fringies” left on it. Then after he finished his crazy man rant he balls “Jake’s” quiz up and shoves the whole thing into his mouth and begins to chew it up…and then swallows it. MY CHEMISTRY PROFESSOR JUST ATE SOME POOR KID NAMED JAKE’s QUIZ!!!! All because he forgot to tear off the “fringies”… WE ARE IN COLLEGE AND WE HAVE A CHILDISH PROFESSOR WHO EATS QUIZZES LIKE CHRISTMAS DINNER!!!!  This is the third class grade and i’m not only worried about my grade but i’m also wondering about my professors mental health.

Thursday; day 4

Yet again I didn’t get to change seats because I didn’t arrive soon enough. Today i mentally chose my “dream seat” though, meaning the seat i am going to get tomorrow no matter what. chase your dreams. 

Today someone from the front rows phone rang in class …My professor answered their phone and said “GO AWAY BEFORE I SEND THE GUARDS” the he hung up and took that students phone until class was over. I feel like we should be past the age where taking up someone’s phone is acceptable…but that’s just me.

Friday; day 5

I managed to get my dream seat in class today!!!! I now sit three rows higher than before,still on and end seat because I like to have a double arm rest and only have to sit directly next to one person. This is one of the special end seats that you don’t have to turn in the quizzes for everyone so everything is great!

I lost track of the days of the week because my week was so busy, but Fridays (or the last day of class each week) we are supposed to wear red to get extra credit and to show school spirit. Out of 300 people everyone minus FIVE people wore red, and I  was one of the five. I wore gray because it’s my favorite neutral color and I own a lot of gray. I got lucky and just so happened to be wearing University of Houston socks though, so my “King Simon”  still gave me the extra credit. The King also informed us that he will be going to England on Thursday and Friday of next week to visit his family, so he is giving us those days off!

Week of workouts


My original plan was to add a few of the workouts I did each day to the end of each day of the week post, but this post is a little lengthy since it’s the first one so I’ll just make a short thing saying what I worked out each day. If I can find the time between class and work to workout, you can squeeze one in too TRUST ME.

Mon- cardio : Ran 3 miles with Toebe (my dog)

the reason I ONLY do cardio outdoors (besides my dog)

Tues- Leg/Glutes with Eva at the Uof H rec (leg extensions, squats, ham-curls, kettle bell squats, leg press, hip abduction/adduction)

Wed- arms/back at after work at gym I work at (preacher curls, lat pull downs, shoulder press, rows, dumbbell curls)

Thurs-  Short ab workout and oblique workout

Fri- Legs, pretty much the same as Tuesday except I had more time and did calf raises!

When I decided to start this summer blog series I had no idea that I would have so many crazy stories to share about my class, I was just going to do it to give you a peak into my school week. I promise you that all of the above is true and that I din’t make any of it up! Oh and random side note : I am no longer a Chipoltle virgin!!! I had Chipoltle for the first time on Friday after class. Yeah that’s irrelevant but it’s a fun little fact!! 

chicken burrito BOWL with brown rice, lettuce,chicken, black beans, cheese,sour cream!

This pretty much sums up my first week of the summer semester, I hope you enjoyed reading about it.I’m sorry, it was a bit later that I had promised in the “about” post, I just have a lot on my plate with this class and work. Next episode can be expected at the end of next week. I have an exam for this class on Thursday so my post MAY be delayed a little bit. I am planning to add in more pictures, it will be a little less wordy, you’ll get to hear how prep for my first exam went, and how I did on my first exam. Feel free to leave a comment below!

If you made it all the way through my post I freaking love you

Disclaimer, I’ll fix any typos i’ve made sometime tomorrow morning its 11pm and I still have to watch the rest of my online chem lecture before class in the morning

Add me on snapchat, instagram, and twitter @morganthebay3r

Have a FAB Monday,








8 thoughts on “Girl vs College: Summer Edition (EP.1)

    1. 1.He is!!! I am seriously wondering what other crazy things he will do that I’ll get to write about!!
      2. Thank you, it’s really hard sometimes to get myself to go, lack of sleep and lack of time kill motivation quickly! Thank you for reading ❤

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      1. I look forward to reading more about his antics! 😂 you’re right it’s so hard to stay motivated when everything gets in the way!
        Good blog ❤️

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      1. Thank you, I’m working on becoming a better writer, I tend to get distracted and rushed and slop things around haha. “King Simon” is something else alright 😂!!! And thank you, I’ll need all the luck I can get this is the most intense class I think I’ve ever taken 😱


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