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Hey y’all

For the past year or two I have been hearing tons of great things about coconut oil and how it can be used for a lot more than just cooking great fried bananas (Maybe one day i’ll post that recipe). I’ve heard of people using it as moisturizer, teeth whitener, hair conditioner, shaving cream, make up remover,  and even tanning oil. I’ve always been skeptical  (because I hate how oil never comes off and feels slimy), but yesterday I decided I would try at least one of these uses and see how I liked it.

I decided to try using coconut oil as a make up remover and let me tell you, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! I seriously may never use regular make up remover wipes again. It didn’t leave my face feeling oily or slimy like I had expected, it made my face feel like it had been reborn. My make up came off 10x easier than it ever has before, and it got every last drop off.  Seriously, this is the bet make up remover I have EVER used and I have tried a lot of different types/brands. Did I mention its natural and you get A LOT for your money!


All I did was take a soft paper towel, dip it in some of the coconut oil, wipe my face, then once all my make up was off I rinsed off my face. My skin was soft and almost glowing!!

This is the brand I used

If you’ve never tried coconut oil for anything besides cooking (like me) I highly recommend at least testing it out as a makeup remover! If you use coconut oil for other things, have used it as a make up remover, or plan to try using it as a make up remover.. leave a comment telling me how you like(d) it! Thanks for reading my little post, you are amazing!

-P.s  – I’ve hit 200 likes in total on my blog (19 posts)!!! Thank you-all for the kind words, support, tips,and for just taking the time to read MY blog!!!!  xoxo

Try coconut oil..its AMAZING,



10 thoughts on “Beauty Hack!

    1. I was hesitant too, rubbing oil all over my face seemed gross!!! But It works really well and it doesn’t leave me feeling greasy or anything! 😊 try it just once to see how you like it! Thank you for commenting!!


    1. I have combination skin (or at least I think I do). I’ve been using coconut oil for a few weeks now and I still love it!! Plus the fact that it’s natural makes me feel even better about it. 😊 If you try it let me know how you like it!!

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