ABOUT-Girl vs College: Summer Edition

Hey y’all

I’ve been wanting to start my own blog series for quite some time now, I just didn’t know where to begin or even what I would  make it about. Late last night after I got off work I was thinking about how much I REALLY am not ready for my Summer  classes to start tomorrow, and *BAM!*  it hit me. I decided I was going to write a month long blog series about my Summer class.

My month long blog series is going to be called “Girl vs College: Summer Edition” . I’m calling it the “Summer Edition” because if this little blog series is successful I plan to make one covering my Fall semester as well. The Summer series will include 5 posts that will be posted on the weekend following each week I have of classes. In each post I will write about what happened at school and on campus throughout that week along with some of my inner monologues. Be prepared to read some of my sarcastic remarks, hear how I manage to squeeze in a workout before or after class, have an inside look on my summer class, and see whats going on around my campus. University of Houston

Now you may be thinking this blog series sounds super lame, but don’t write it off just yet. Give the first episode post a read at the end of this upcoming week, and then decide if you like the idea or not. Thank you for reading, if you have any ideas for my series or a general comment feel free to leave one!

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Good luck to those taking classes and happy Sunday,




6 thoughts on “ABOUT-Girl vs College: Summer Edition

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog, and I’m glad you can relate!! Good luck on your blogging journey, I just started my blog a little over a month ago!

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