Wednesday, Wake Up call- Pet Peeves

Hey y’all

I know last weeks “Wednesday, Wake Up post” was a happy motivational post, this is not that post, this in fact is pretty much the exact opposite. This is basically a complaint post  listing many of the things that drive me INSANE! I still titled it “Wednesday, Wake up call” because people need to wake up and realize they are doing these things.

Pet Peeves:

  1. When people cough/sneeze and don’t cover their mouth…DISGUSTING
  2. People who vape/smoke and blow it around in public places….Hate to break it to you but you aren’t cool
  3. People who make me late because i’m waiting on them
  4. A gym buddy who always wants to leave early…I will stop working out with you
  5. People who use over 10 hashtags on instagram…One to five is fine..but anymore is over doing it in my opinion.
  6. People who bite or pick on their nails around me…I HATE the sound, it makes me cringe.
  7. Walking/Driving behind slow people
  8. Passive aggressiveness…Just say what you have to say.
  9. When I’m in a group message and get 10000 notifications at once…Thankfully now you can turn off group message notifications, but it still bothers me.
  10. Hand dryers in public bathrooms without paper towels…I always have to wipe my hands on my clothes to dry them at theese places.
  11. People who keep asking “what just happened?” during a movie..You are missing more of the movie everytime you ask.
  12. People who leave their texting/notification sounds on in public
  13. Tangled headphones
  14. Crying/screaming children in public…Sometimes there isn’t much the parent can do to avoid this..but still..
  15. People who cut in line
  16. Motorcycles that drive in the middle or shoulder to pass traffic…“Respect Motorcyclists” ..such a joke, because 80% of them don’t repect the other drivers around them.. Now i’m not wishing motorcyclists harm, i’m just saying i’m not going to repsect someone who doesn’t respect  me.
  17. Boys with dark hair who dye their hair blonde and then don’t ever touch up their roots
  18. People who are always in my bubble…I like my personal space
  19. Messy public bathrooms
  20. Animal Cruelty…I am an animal lover 100000%
  21. People who force their opinion on you
  22. People who park their car in 2 spaces..This tempts me to run my car into yours..I won’t because that would damage my car too…but it makes me really want to.
  23. People who break promises…Maybe it’s childish of me to belive in promises still, but I do.
  24. Saggy pants…Please wear pants that cover your booty.
  25. Pushy sales people..I know it’s your job, but you are annoying
  26. Traffic
  27. Bread crumbs in the butter container..Just DON’T be this guy
  28. People who leave their trash in my car
  29. People who make plans but always cancel last minute
  30. People who put empty food boxes back in the pantry
  31. People who don’t re-rack their weights
  32. People who sit on my bed and din’t JUST take a shower….I wont even get on my own bed unless i’m clean.

There are honestly about 1000 more things that bother me, I just can’t think of them all right now and don’t want to bore you to death. If any of these things bother you too, or you have something to add drop in it the comments!

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Happy Hump Day,



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