Hey y’all

I’ve decided to start setting a few monthly goals for myself to help keep me busy and motivated. I decided to blog about it because if it’s written down i’m 5x more likely to do it and maybe i’ll inspire other people to set monthly goals. I’m cheesy for saying that, but really I want to inspire others in some way. My plan is to just lay out a few “goals” for each month and then in the following month i’ll recap, make new goals, and share a few of my favorite things from that month.

To Do:

  • Begin my personal training certification
  • Go fishing with my Dad/ Teach my boyfriend how to fish (We are planning to go June 3rd if it doesn’t rain)
Big red fish my dad caught
  • Watch the fireworks down at the boardwalk at least once
These were last years fireworks at the boardwalk
  • Read one book
  • Get my bridesmaid dress for my friend Taylor’s wedding. She’s getting married in October and I still don’t have a dress!!!
  • Go to the beach at least once
  • Go out on the sailboat My parents have a sailboat, it’s fun, but i’m always busy when they go.
My mom’s friend took this picture of my on the sailboat a few years ago

Fitness Related:

  • Do cardio at least once a week ….I’ve been maybe doing it every other week, it’s just so hot outside and I don’t like doing machine cardio!

To Watch:

  • Finish “Lost” on Netflix I’m currently on season 5 of 6
  • Watch “The choice”
  • Watch “The Huntsman”
  • Watch “Civil war”
  • Watch the new “Grey’s anatomy” season when it’s released on Netflix I seriously LOVE Grey’s….BUT last season ALMOST made me want to stop watching.

To eat:

  • Make/eat green bean casserole
  • Coffee ice cream
  • Watermelon
  • DRINK MORE WATER..I know you don’t eat water.
  • Drink more tea..I love tea I just get too lazy to make it.
  • Green Grapes..If you haven’t tried them frozen you need to! It’s weird at first but then it gets addicting!
  • Start making smoothies again
I was a smoothie queen a few months ago

My Hopes:

  • That I do good in my Summer Chemistry class (it ends the first week of July) Chem. has A LOT of math in it, and I suck at math so it scares me…Not to mention I took it once and ended up having to drop it because I had a HORRIBLE professor.
  • That 100 of you lovely people follow my blog!!!! If not, that’s cool too. (Right now I have 49)
  • That my blogging skills improve. Maybe i’ll come up with better titles for posts!
  • Get better at studying, and staying organized. I get too distracted to study, and to keep myself organized…but i’m working on it! 


In honor of Me and my boyfriend hitting the 3 year mark on May 29th i’ll show y’all a completely off guard picture of us from our senior prom in 2014…. I LOOK SOOO BAD

Don’t worry we have some cute picture too!



Well there it is, these are a few things I want to accomplish in June and an unattractive prom pic from 2014…It’s kind of like a monthly bucket list!!! Since this will be a monthly thing for me (hopefully) I need to think of a cool title for these posts, if you have any ideas drop it in the comments below! I don’t just want to title them by month…and i’m not feeling “June bucket list” or “June goal list”.

Anywhoooo Thank you for reading, I hope you all had a lovely 3 day weekend! Get to know me and follow my other social media Snap-chat, Instagram, Twitter @Morganthebay3r  (I don’t bite)

Set some goals,



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