Tips for getting to the gym on an unmotivated day

Hey y’all

It’s a hot- gloomy Sunday here in Texas, and i’m trying to find a way to convince myself to go to the  gym. I just thought i’d share with y’all a few tips on how to find motivation on an UN-motivated day. 

  • Drink an extra cup of coffee.. I don’t know about y’all but coffee fuels my fire
  • Listen to up-beat music 
  • read motivational quotes on pintrest 
  • read a motivational blog
  • dance around your house
  • sing at the top of your lungs.. even if you have the voice of a angry cat, go for it!
  • scroll through fitness instagrams
  • give yourself an ultimatum… if you aren’t going to workout you have to clean the house, or do homework or something productive you’ve been putting off.
  • put on your favorite workout clothes… You will feel guilty if you go to change out of your workout clothes before working out
  • make a post workout smoothie
  • invite a friend
  • watch workout videos
  • remember why you started
  • sign up for a class ..So then you have a set time you have to go
  • set a workout goal for the day.. Lift a new weight, or run a new distance, etc
  • reward yourself after
  • walk your dog or go on a solo walk.. It’s a good little warm up, and if you break a sweat while walking you might as well go to the gym and sweat more.


Think about this, ONE-one hour workout is only 4% of your whole entire day, so you really have no excuse for not working out. Unless you’ve been going hard all week are and are in need of a rest day.

If you can’t seem to find motivation anywhere then just take the day off and try again another day.

DISCLAIMER: these tips may not work for everyone, we are all different. If you have any ways different from these feel free to share in the comments.

Thank you for reading, I think i’m going to get my cardio in today and take my dog for a run around my neighborhood. I’ve been skipping my cardio day this whole month because it’s so hot in Texas..whoops. Don’t be afraid to talk to me I love getting to know other bloggers, you can add me on instagram, snap-chat, and twitter (@morganthebay3r).

You can do it,



39 thoughts on “Tips for getting to the gym on an unmotivated day

  1. Nice tips, I’ve actually written a couple of them down to remind myself of them. I often find myself watching inspirational and workout videos before I workout. In fact, I think it makes me more enthusiastic and energetic throughout my workout. One tip I can add, is to find some mentors or good influences, even if they’re on Youtube. A favourite of mine is Elliott Hulse. And in your offline life, they tell you that you are your five closest friends, so surround yourself with some fitness buddies 🙂 That ‘go to classes’ tip of yours could come in real handy for making like minded friends! I’m still working on my environment at the moment. I’m surrounded by bad influences and really tempting food!

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked them and might use them! Oh and mentors is a great one, I work at a gym and am surrounded by personal trainers all day so that one slipped my mind! I’m also surrounded by bad influences and A LOT of good food that I can’t turn down! Honestly I don’t think I have 5 closest friends right now I have like 3 and 2 of them love the gym like me so they are great motivation! My dog is my motivation for cardio days!Thank you for commenting and leaving a tip!

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      1. I definitely didn’t delete my blog, I’ve posted 2 posts today :(. Did you just click on my picture thing and it said that? I’m going to try to like email the wordpress people and see if they can fix it!


      2. I think I know why, I originally started my blog as Morganthebayer, but i deleted that one and started over using


      3. Yeah I got your email, Thank you! I’m pretty sure it’s because my wordpress account was still connected to my old site. I just went and updated it to the hopefully that works!


      4. I just changed my username to match my bog name, try clicking it again in a sec and see if it fixed it!!


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