Current Favorite Fitness Instagram Accounts

Hey y’all

It’s a rainy day here in Texas so I just thought I would share with y’all my current favorite fitness related Instagram accountsI wasn’t told to promote them or anything

  • @Brittany_Dawn_Fitness: I absolutely love her Instagram account and have been following her for quite awhile. I’m pretty sure her’s was the first fitness Instagram I ever followed.  I even recently started following her snap-chat. I love her  account because I can relate to her in a lot of ways. Both from Texas, still with high school sweetheart,,doesn’t drink alcohol, she is tall.. just to name a few.  She is very motivating, and proves that you don’t have to have a PERFECT diet to achieve greatness. Did I mention i’d kill for quads like hers?Screenshot_20160520-113729
  • @Em_dunc: She is the same age as me (20) or at least she was when I followed her. She is EXTREMELY motivating in all of her picture captions. She is a bikini competitor and is very open about the preps and stuff they go through competing. She is starting this cool “Wonder Woman Wake Up Call” thing and I guess it pretty much spreads positivity and motivation, I happen to run crossed it on youtube one late night and I was pretty inspired by it. I also follow her snap-chat. OH and her boulder shoulders are GOALS!Screenshot_20160520-113704
  • @Brittanylesserfitness: I recently began following her on Instagram and snap-chat because again she is around my age and I find her account motivating. I actually learned how to make my own iced americanos from watching her snapchat videos.I think she is or used to be a bikini competitor. Also if you follow her on snap-chat her dogs are ADORABLE.Screenshot_20160520-113646
  • @Jenbretty: She has an absolutely amazing recovery story, she used to have an eating disorder. I love her Instagram because it spreads self-love and it’s not 100% about fitness, it’s about physical and mental growth as a whole. Her hair is also always in flawless french pigtail braids that I hope to one day be able to do that perfect.Screenshot_20160520-113747


Hope you find them as motivating as I do, Thanks for reading today’s little blog post!

Have a lovely day,



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