Lets talk numbers

Hey y’all,

Today I finished my last final exam, so I get a little 2 week break before my summer classes start!!


  • A grade in a class doesn’t define how intelligent you are.
  • The number on your scale is useless.
  • The amount of Instagram followers you have doesn’t define your beauty.
  • The amount of money you have in the bank doesn’t define your wealth.
  •  The number of people who read your blog doesn’t define your importance.
  •  Eating more than a certain amount of calories each day will not destroy your gainz.
  • The number of cups of coffee you drink doesn’t define how awake and happy you will be.

I know this is a VERY short post, but I just thought it would be good to remind people that they are more than the numbers they see.

Drink some coffee and seize the day,


P.s- speaking of coffee I learned how to make my own iced Americanos (like from Starbucks) If anyone wants the ingredients leave a comment letting me know!



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