Thoughts of an over stressed college student

Hey y’all,

Here are a several of my over stressed finals week thoughts.

Why don’t I have my life together??

me at work (24 hour fitness)

When I was a kid, I really thought that people in their twenties were “real” adults and had their lives in order. I thought that by the time I was twenty I would be driving a new car, making enough money to be able to afford everything on my own, living in my own apartment close to college, and no longer needing any assistance from my parents.

Boy oh boy was I wrong, I’m twenty years old now and have realized that I am most definitely not a “real”  adult yet. I still drive the same 2003 car I bought myself when I was in high school, I actually just moved back in with my parents partly because I transferred universities and partly because I was spending a lot more money than I was making (didn’t want to drain my all savings), and I am not making anywhere near enough money to afford everything on my own (college, bills, rent, textbooks,etc). I am currently working towards a personal training certification, and hope to get certified and be able to make enough money to better support myself, because I am the type of person who doesn’t want help from anyone (even my parents) I want to be able to make it on my own as soon as possible, and not be leaning on my parents.

Why do I struggle to get myself out of bed every single morning, but at night I never want to go to sleep?

I can easily stay up until the wee hours of the morning, but  when it comes to getting myself out of bed in the morning…it’s almost impossible. I feel like morning people are more productive, I just have no idea how they can get themselves out of their bed so early each morning.

I absolutely HATE how 99% of college professors don’t care if their students fail.

I feel like anyone who decides to teach should genuinely CARE about what they are teaching, or at least care about the people they are teaching. I’ve found that nearly all of my college professors couldn’t care less about the class that they are teaching.

Why can’t me and my dog trade lives for a few days?

Dogs seem to have a pretty easy life, or at least my dog does. He gets all his food served to him, he has a really comfy dog bed, he literally has no responsibilities&he gets to play with toys and run around all day. I mean,sure there are plenty of downsides to being a dog, but honestly I feel like it would be so much easier to be a dog. I bet if my dog was me for a day having to go to work and school he would want to be a dog again.

I don’t understand why people wait for a certain holiday to be thankful for the people around them.

Too many people don’t think to appreciate the people around them until a certain holiday shows up on their calendar.  For example suddenly everyone starts to appreciate their mothers on mother’s day, fathers on father’s day, or their boyfriend/girlfriend on Valentines day. In reality people shouldn’t wait around for a special calendar date to show the people they love how much they mean to them.

Why do cats feel the urge to lay on my homework as soon as I decide to actually do it?

I’m already a HUGE procrastinator, but I feel like my cats encourage me to be. Everytime I start to do something productive one of my two cats decides to come stop me. It’s almost as if they have a secret pact to make me on of them.


I have no clue how people can have enough time to balance sleep, work, school,food, the gym, and a social life.


I have not yet figured out how to balance all of these things. I’m always slacking on a few of the above. I work usually 5 or 6 days a week, I take classes 5 days a week, I try to work out 4-6 days a week, I try to be able to eat 3 or more full meals a day, I try to get all of my homework done, and I try to have time to spend with my also very busy boyfriend (Mikey) (and my family/friends). All of this “adulting” really wears a person down.

Why can’t people be honest and faithful or just not get into a relationship ?


Now,i’ve personally never been cheated on or anything like that (as far as I know), but it just seems like everyone I know has been in a relationship that lacked trust and loyalty.  I feel like if you don’t want to stay faithful, than why would you get yourself into a relationship in the first place? That’s something I have never understood especially because I know first hand that a good relationship can be done. I’ve been with my boyfriend Mikey for 3 years (on May 29th 2016). We survived high school and we are both half way done with college, a good-trusting-relationship is possible it just takes time and effort from both people . Also a quick side note:DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT EVER lower your standards to be with someone who doesn’t deserve you.

How come no matter how hard I try I can’t math?

My whole school life I have struggled with math, it seems no matter how hard I try it is just something I will never have a strong hold on. My mom loves to tell a story about me as a kid first learning algebra. My mom was trying to help me with my algebra homework and I was getting very frustrated and yelled ” A is A and B is B, A is not equal to one, and B is not equal to two, letters and numbers are a totally separate thing!!!!” she laughed and said “If only that were true”

What on earth gave me the idea that pulling two all nighters in a row was a good idea?

I NEED sleep, I am not one of those people who can be fully functional on no sleep. I pulled two all nighters in a row this weekend and I swear today at work someone asked me my name…and it literally slipped my mind. When I don’t get sleep my mind pretty much goes numb, and I say and do ridiculous things.Despite the fact that I need sleep to function, I did manage to whip out this blog post though…hopefully I don’t read it tomorrow and realize it’s a total disaster.

Why and how did I whip out at 1000 word blog post when I should be studying for my math final???

I just realized my word count is past 1000, and that I shouldn’t have been blogging in the first place. I have my last final next week and it just so happens to be math…my weak point. Wish me luck because my grade is just on the edge and this final could save me…..or end me.


Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom I know this was an insanely long and random post. I will be starting to blog more and more frequently so if you liked this post please leave a comment, maybe i’ll make another post of all my thoughts one day.

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Hope you enjoyed,




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